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November 5, 2018

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Yoga in Bed is one of my very favorite ways to stretch!

I have been stretching in bed for over 20 years now. I felt like I couldn’t get stretchy enough on the wood floors, that are in most yoga studios. The floor limits your flexibility because there is a stopping point. I found in bed, I could ooze and relax more in my bed! AND, I got much more flexible, than I ever thought I could.

From my experience, if you can hold deep stretches in the comfort of your bed, it’s super easy to deep stretches on your mat, on a wood floor! That comfort level you gain in your bed, transfers to yoga on your mat, in any class situation!

For all of you busy moms, that have to get the kids ready and are rushed in the morning: no problem! Go back to bed when you return and stretch! You will feel pampered, more calm, more centered, and of course more flexible!

This is also a great practice to do right before bed. It is so calming to the senses, that you can quiet your mind and get a good nights sleep.

This practice is so beautiful because it doesn’t matter how flexible you are! Get your pillows and your blankets, and you are ready to go! Start where you are, with no pressure, no pushing into poses and you will be amazed how much more open your body becomes stretching in bed.

free 30-minute stretching class in bed


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