5 Core Yoga Poses - Using Guide Lines for Proper Form

February 28, 2019
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Whether you are new or an experienced yogi, using guidelines can help bring more awareness and proper form to your practice.

In this quick video, I am going to show you the 5 core yoga poses with correct alignment using the guidelines on my Yogi Nora Mat. A great mat is so important to the success of your practice this is why I have designed the Yogi Nora Premium Yoga Mat. It is grippy, thick, slightly larger than other mats and has guidelines for helping you to create the proper form in your practice.

I am covering 5 poses in this video:

Pose #1: Downward Facing Dog (00:20)

Pose #2: Warrior I (01:45)

Pose #3: Warrior II (02:40)

Pose #4: Triangle Pose (03:58)

Pose #5: Seated Poses (Simple, Half Lotus, Full Lotus) (05:17)


Guide Lines on Yogi Nora Mats

These unique guidelines can be found on my premium yoga mat. They are designed to help bring perfect symmetry to your practice. When you practice my classes online, the guidelines of the mat, are like me personally aligning and adjusting you. Just listen to my cues and follow my verbal instructions and we are both practicing together on our mats! You can visually see where your feet and hands are on the center line.  This was a big revelation for me!  I thought I was super-aligned, only to find out, I wasn’t at all as center pointe as I thought!

You can learn more and purchase this yoga mat here! 

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