A Year of Meditation - Daily Moments of Peace, Joy and Calm | A New Book by Nora Day

May 26, 2020

Available June 30, 2020 - Pre-Order Today! Pause, reflect, and grow with a simple meditation for every day of the year

Pre-Order Book: https://www.yoginora.com/product/a-year-of-meditation/

If you’ve been looking to add a meditation practice into your life, consider this your sign. A Year of Meditation is a book of 365 short, daily meditations to help you feel calmer, more centered, and in control. Some of the meditations you’ll do while walking, sitting, or even watching the sunset. And some days you’ll just receive a simple mantra, affirmation, or insightful quote to keep in mind. The variety will keep you engaged and make it easy to tap into those moments of mindfulness and relaxation.

With A Year of Meditation, you’ll find:

♥ The power of peace―Daily meditation can help you relieve stress, feel happier, and even sleep more soundly.

♥ A flexible structure―Start meditating on January 1, or any day you like, and keep going until you’ve completed each one―and then start again.

♥ Easy for every day―Most of the exercises only take 3 to 15 minutes, so you can always make time for them.

♥ Learn to create a gentle, consistent meditation practice that’s easy and joyful to sustain

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