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Nora Day was born in Omaha, Nebraska with a midwest upbringing of honesty and simplicity. She learned pretty early on, that any cold weather was not for her! She has always been at ease, and in her perfect flow of life, at the beach, in balmy, tropical climates, and has lived her life in search of tropical paradises ever since.

Nora is the founder of YogiNora.com, a one stop shop for yoga, meditation, plant based recipes, and lifestyle choices. With 50,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, and millions of views, and a high profile presence on Facebook and Instagram, she quickly realized, people want more. She is an author, a yoga and meditation expert, an internationally traveled yoga teacher, and inspirational speaker.

Nora’s approach to yoga and meditation is not like most. It is very reflective of her midwest upbringing. Keeping it simple and honest, without the fluff, or fakeness. Hard work, dedication, and consistency, are the basis of her teachings. 

Her yoga classes are creative, and freeing, as she still keeps the discipline with a sense of humor and authenticity that has framed her style of yoga over the years. She is known for her fit inspired yoga classes and her deep stretching style of yoga that combines Yin Yoga and movement stretches.
The spiritual side of yoga has always been a fascination and a limitless point of learning. Practicing yoga brings out euphoric moments, incredibly challenging moments, checks in with your competition, jealousy, and ego level, all in one practice. Meditation is a practice of deep internal intimacy with yourself; finding out what you are willing to let go of, forgive, and receive on the spiritual plane. 

Anyone can feel these feelings, challenge their mind and body at all different levels. The only thing that is required, is to get on your mat. Experience it for yourself from stretching, to power yoga, to vinyasa flow, to meditation, to chanting. It is all a form of yoga awareness inside and outside of the body. With grace, your mind and body function together as one harmonious rhythm in a perfect way. Make time to experience the transformation that yoga and meditation can bring to your life.
YogiNora.com - My online subscription site is a labor of love. It is 100% true and pure, coming from the core of my being. Yoga classes, guided meditations, plant based recipes, and lifestyle advise, all under one online roof.
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