Be Like a Tree

January 26, 2018

Trees don’t complain how many years they take to grow tall and provide shade.  They just keep going on, through the storms, through the droughts, and they keep laying down their roots.  Some years are more difficult than others.  But the steady consistency of breathing in and out, being flexible with the weather, keeping the base strong, confident and solid, is where the wisdom of the tree begins.

Trees don’t try to control the situation with force or ego, they grow into themselves.  Their eternal wisdom is what keeps mother nature grounded.
Have you ever sat by a tree and heard it creak quietly in the breeze?  There is a calming vibration from the sounds of a tree.  Such a profound and special simple gesture.


There are so many lessons to be learned, from nature everyday; we just have to be receptive and open to the possibilities.
Yoga teaches us to be silent inside, meditative and clear.  Through the postures, we get to that clarity.  There is a huge “giving it up to something greater than you”, emotion that comes in and out of our practice.  The less and less we have to prove, the more and more we keep receiving.
Be like a tree, stay grounded, with flexibility around the edges, openess in your heart, and wisdom in your years.

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