Celery Juice - One Ingredient Mono Juicing

September 20, 2018

Looking at celery, you may not think it is the most exciting foods you can eat but actually, celery is actually something of a superfood. Celery juice is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, has lots of mineral salts and its filled with water. Celery juice is great for your digestive system, helping to cleanse your gut and promotes detoxification.

Celery is one of my favorite mono juices. The wonderful light green color makes me smile! Although some people think it can be better it is actually one of the smoothest single vegetable juices you will taste.

The health benefits of celery are magnified when you juice it!  Get the most out of your celery juice by drinking it right away and first thing in the morning. If you do choose to keep it in your refrigerator, only keep it for 24 hours because the benefits rapidly decrease the longer you keep it.

To make your celery juice:

Wash your celery and cut the ends off. Cut your celery into chunks to help your juicer.  When you first start off drinking celery juice start with just 8 or 16 ounces. Usually, one bunch of celery makes almost 2 cups of juice.

Let’s make some celery juice!

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