Earth Day Tips for Today and Everyday

April 22, 2019
Earth Day Tips You Can Use Everyday!

YAY!  It’s Earth Day!!!

Mother Earth and I are tight!  We are connected on a deep spiritual level.  In a garden, like this one, I realize how important it is to grow your own food.  How important it is to have the energy of the sun, the richness of the soil and the luck, of Mother Earth shining her sun and raining her rain to grow our food. 

We take for granted all of the pretty packaged produce in our grocery stores.  Not to mention, if it isn’t local, it has traveled many miles, in the refrigerated truck, in its pretty package, to get to you.  That’s not counting the months before when that produce was still growing in the earth in a different State... just for you.

On this Earth Day, I encourage us all, to take that extra second to read the package, to buy more local.  

Here are a few more Nora Earth Day Reminders:

1.  Pick Your Own Produce. Find out if you have a farm, like the one I’m standing in, where you can pick your own produce. A lot of the small farms offer this.  It’s so satisfying to pick your own head of lettuce, right from the dirt, and taste how incredibly fresh it is!

2.  If you don’t have a farm like this one, go to Farmers Markets.  It’s the next best thing to picking your produce right out of the dirt yourself; your friendly farmer probably picked it that morning for you!

3. Plant a tree or donate a tree.  Here are just a few, absolutely amazing organizations!

4.  Instead of driving; 

Car Pool

Walk it

Cycle it

Take Public Transportation: Bus, Train, local Trolly…

5.  Use Reusable bags for grocery shopping:  Even produce bags for your apples, heads of lettuce, loose carrots, etc.  If you drive to your grocery store, keep these bags in your trunk so you always have them.  If you ride your bike to the store, like I do, make sure your big shopping bag and your small produce bags are all with you.  Lets make a total commitment to stop the plastic!


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