Go Upside Down for Clarity

January 26, 2018

go upside down for your health

My day is not complete unless I’ve been upside down. There are many studies and scientific research on the benefits of going upside down from a physical stand point.  In addition to that, Inversions create calmness, and bring clarity into your life.

In yoga, inversions are part of the practice. They teach us patience and balance. It’s one thing to get up into a headstand for a second, it’s another to hold for 5 minutes.

Through consistent practice, we become more at ease with turning our life upside down, and clearer about our goals and our dreams. Sustaining an inversion is a feeling of weightlessness. A feeling of humbleness, and pin point focus and clarity. The balance and peace cultivated upside down start to carry into your daily life. I know it sounds cliche, but you change your perspective when you do inversions regularly. Our everyday choices become easier. It becomes clearer and clearer what we really want in our lives.

Inversions are a balance of the pose and a balance of life. With a regular yoga practice, you ultimately find your flow in life. When you add inversions, you go to another level of awareness, grace and clarity. You don’t sweat the small stuff.

When I teach, I tell my students, If you can do yoga, you can do anything; and I mean it. The confidence it builds, the humbleness it brings, the clarity that unfolds and the unwavering balance, are all part of yoga. As Pattabhi Jois said, “Do yoga and All is coming.”

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