How to to Start an Effective at Home Yoga Practice

January 9, 2019

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Practicing yoga at home can revolutionize your yoga practice! Here are a few tips on how to start taking yoga class from the comfort of your home!

One of the things that I love about yoga is that I can do it anywhere without a lot of fancy equipment. I just need myself and my mat which makes yoga perfect for anyone to do at home.

Yoga practice at home is easier than you think. Once you start practicing at home, it becomes a chore to check class schedules at a yoga studio, and to get there on time!

I have heard many of my students say that they aren’t disciplined enough to practice at home. But I don’t believe it! Once you create the habit of doing yoga at home, it’s easier than going to a studio. Getting into your rhythm and your own routine makes a more profound impact on your wholeness as a person. You become more disciplined, you become more aware of your body from the inside out, and you become more knowing of what you want and need for yourself.

No matter which class you do, doing it depends on YOU! Doing yoga at home doesn’t happen by accident. Follow these simple guidelines to help you create a nurturing, successful in-home yoga practice.

How to Create a Home Practice That Works!



I find it very helpful to know in advance where I am going to practice. Having one designated spot, where you keep your mat and any props you use will save you time and help you with building a routine to always return to that same space enabling you to get in a yoga headspace.

Your Space Should Ideally Be: Clean, Airy (open a window if possible), Quiet, and Private



Treat your at-home practice as seriously as you do a scheduled class. Plan out your week and schedule the time in your calendar. Set a reminder on your phone and don’t ignore it! Practicing at the same time every day is the best. BUT, it isn’t always possible. So, if some days you can’t practice at that time, it’s ok, practice at another time. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Yoga is about making us feel better, healthier, more alive; there is no room for guilt.

To Stay On Time: Give yourself a 15-minute reminder on your phone, before your practice time starts



No Joke! Put your yoga clothes on! If you are doing a practice, in your pajamas, and your pajama bottoms are too wide, making you fall over or your top is flimsy and you are always adjusting it, you will be distracted and get lazy in the practice. When you are practicing yoga, please put your yoga pants and top on!


selecting an online yoga class



When I first started practicing at home, there weren’t any online classes to be found. So, I originally started filming myself practicing, so I could practice along with myself at home. I practiced with me; it sounds funny, I know! But, I liked it better than going to a public studio. Some of my practices were flow practices, some were just stretch, some were focused more on inversions, etc. I just filmed my practices for me, it was my personal way to stay home, work on my yoga, in the privacy of my own home. I could mess up, I could fall, I could have messy hair…. I loved it!

Luckily for you, you don’t have to film yourself! There are many online yoga classes to choose from now. It is important that you find a teacher or teachers that connect with you. I have created specifically for people looking to enhance their yoga and practice at home. It is filled with a variety of classes of different lengths, styles and locations. Every week I introduce a new class to you to enjoy and keep things fresh and new!

Click Here to Learn More About Yogi Nora Online Classes



Whatever you have to do that day, put it aside. Because your yoga practice is what you are doing right now, everything else waits. You committed to this time for you, be very specific with yourself that this is your yoga time! This IS an important part of your day, just like any other appointment, this is your yoga appointment!

To Stay Focused: Silence your phone… you wouldn’t answer your phone if you were in a studio class, would you? If the family pets are getting in the way of your practice, then put them away somewhere. For some reason, dogs love to join you on the mat!



A thank you is in order! You are doing this for yourself and making an investment in yourself. You are running the show; you are in charge of you; you deserve a thank you. It is part of the practice to acknowledge your progress and taking care of yourself. You are a unique, amazing yogi.

Thank you.

My wish for you is to just do yoga every single day! I am sharing my yoga lifestyle with all of you; in hopes that you will get the same feeling and gratification that I got so many years ago with a home practice. Practicing from home makes a daily practice more easily attained. You just have to start! Follow the tips above and I know once you create your space to practice, it’s actually easier than going to a studio.


Best wishes to you my friend!

Enjoy the journey!


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