Is there such a notion that Too Much of a Good, healthy diet is too much?

January 26, 2018
Well, I say yes!


There was a time when I thought anytime I ate, I had to have green leafy spinach, kale, or romaine,, or something!  That could be added to my smoothie, as a salad, or added to steamed veggies.  This is wonderful, but I was becoming a bit obsessed with my constant green leafy veggies, so much, that I was eating the same thing over and over.  And then I got sick of it!


I say, give yourself a break sometimes; not that I’m telling you to go off your plant based diet, but allow the “fun” foods in sometimes!
That means when steaming veggies, drizzle with your favorite oil, add some pine nuts, put them over some quinoa, or steamed brown rice; Woo Hoo, live it up a little!
Have a bowl of vegan chili on a cold night, with your favorite crackers!


Plant based is and will always be the way of life for me.  The benefits or so huge from, never feeling full, always feeling satisfied, sustaining a healthy weight, nourishing my body from the inside out….  Just remember, too strict is too strict in any diet.  Since we are being kind to the environment and to the animals by choosing our plant based diet, lets remember to be kind and nurturing to ourselves too!

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