It’s easier than you think...

January 26, 2018
It's easier than you think...
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1.  If you go to a yoga studio, try and make your own schedule.  If there is a teacher you like, try to go to that teacher’s classes.  For instance, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you go to the 9:00am class.  If you get on a schedule, it becomes your routine, and it is part of your day, like brushing your teeth, having your warm water with lemon every morning, etc.


2.  If you don’t go to a studio, make a home schedule.  No phones, no computers.  As close as you can, same time every morning, start your practice.  You know that once you just get on your mat, you will practice.  So literally, get on your mat, stand on your mat.  Dress warm, take some easy stretches like, raising your arms up, take a breathe.  do some side stretches, start moving into a downward facing dog, take a few breaths, move your legs, just get on your mat and move,,, and somehow, we start doing some sun salutes, start doing some standing poses,,,,, this is how I start my morning practice.  No expectations, no pressure on myself, and it always seems to start flowing after 5-10 minutes.


3.  Switch it up a bit.  If you go to a studio, once and awhile, go to a class you’ve never been to before.  And go at a different time.  I find that every now and then, I need a little change, a little inspiration, and I want to see what else is going on in classes!  Every time I have done this, it has given me a little spark of energy, always it has given me a new perspective and fresh different feeling, just from hearing a different teacher use different words!


4.  Some days, I get on my mat, and I want to be more grounded, I want to sit.  I know the feeling of these days, and I just want to sit quietly.  For those of you new to meditation, sit on a pillow or a blanket.  When you breathe in, say to yourself, “breathing in”, when you breathe out, say to yourself, “breathing out”.  There is no forcing of the breath, just sitting quietly.  Make sure you are warm enough, you might want to put some socks on, and a blanket or shawl on. Even though you are not doing a physical, asana yoga practice, you are practicing self awareness. You ARE practicing.  A big part in daily practice, is to listen to your heart, your emotions and your body.  Being so in tune, that you know what’s best for you.  It’s private, nurturing and fulfilling.


5.  My biggest tip to maintain a daily yoga practice, is to just do it.  Even if it is only 30 minutes, do it.  Even if you don’t feel like it, those days might be stretching and meditating days, just do it. Everyday doesn’t have to be a big, magnificent practice.  The practice of yoga is to maintain health in our internal organs, to maintain clarity in our minds and to become gentler, kinder and more giving.  We just practice.  We just come to our mats, make an offering, and do our best.  Keep it private and honest, and you will have a beautiful daily yoga practice.


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