More Than One Right Answer

January 26, 2018
more than one answer
There is more than one “correct” way to do yoga.  When I teach a yoga class, and the entire class is doing downward facing dog, every single downward facing dog is different.  I am giving the same direction to everyone, but each downward facing dog is unique to the person doing it.  And it’s fantastic!  Everyone’s body is different, some have more flexible hamstrings, some have bendier backs, some have more open shoulders:  All of these factors change every person’s downward facing dog in the room.  They aren’t doing it wrong, they are doing it different.


Being unique and different is part of yoga. That’s why comparing your body to someone else’s in class just doesn’t work.  I do get inspired by other people’s yoga, and I do learn from watching someone else doing yoga, but it is not me.  That person will never have what I have, and I will never have what they have.  What I do have is a unique, one of a kind, original expression of my yoga.


Be excited and inspired that there is more than 1 right answer.  Know that your 1 right answer is constantly changing, with the changes in your flexibility. The more open hearted and the more you let go in yoga class, the more your uniqueness comes through.  Enjoy the process, you are the only one going through it exactly like you!

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