Meditation for Beginners: Tips & Tricks for Developing a Daily Practice

October 11, 2018

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Can you stop all thoughts in your head for 10 seconds?  Sounds easy, right?  How many of you scroll through to the next Instagram picture in 3 seconds,,,, think about it, 10 seconds is a long time to stay focused on 1 thing! Can you focus on nothing for 10 seconds?  

The feeling of nothingness is a breath of fresh air, like you are given a gift of simple luxury.

The science behind meditation is through quietness of the mind, your body rhythms flow at a balanced pace.  That includes the sharpness of your mind, the healthy state of your inner organs, the relaxed, wrinkle-free, glowing of your skin, and the quiet grace of your existence.  You become incredibly intimate and honest with yourself by the silence within.

Meditating 5 minutes to many hours a day, bring the same results; the only difference is the longer you meditate, the deeper, more spiritual and more sustaining your results become.

How do you start meditation?  Here are a few pointers that can help:

1.  Set a Timer

Put your timer on for 5 minutes, so the anxiety and constantly looking at the time is out of the way.

2.  Sit Comfortably

Sit in a comfortable enough position, that you don’t have to change your legs for 5 minutes; now that distraction is taken out of the equation.  

3.  Begin

Close your eyes, relax your jaw and breathe

And here is my big tip.... when you begin, start with just 1 thing. If you can think of just 1 thing, that’s better than lots of thoughts coming in and out.  So here are a couple of “1 things”. 

Pick One:

  • Every time you exhale, say to yourself, Thank You
  • When you breathe in, say to yourself, breathing in, when you breathe out, say to yourself, breathing out
  • On every inhale, say to yourself, I AM, on every exhale, fill in the blank with your uplifting word
  • Visualize your inhale traveling up your front body, starting below your navel, up to your third eye, visualize your exhale returning from your third eye, back down your front body, to below your navel.  Repeat this visualization with every breath.
  • Saying OM to yourself on the inhale, OM to yourself on the exhale.  (OM was the first sacred sound ever to vibrate across the Universe)

Now that you’ve picked one from the list above, find your seat, start your timer, and practice your 5-minute meditation.

Meditation BasicsTry a 21-day challenge

Meditate for 21 days in a row.  Try not to skip a day, and try to meditate at the same time every day.  Creating this pattern, can calm your nervous system, work fewer hours, and get more done, look fresher, younger and more rested, become more compassionate and understanding, and most importantly, take this quiet, personal time daily to affirm how amazing, how wonderful, how caring and how beautiful you are.  OM shanti, shanti, shanti, OM peace, peace, peace.

Use this Guided 5 Minute Meditation Video to Help You Get Started. Just meditating 5 minutes a day can make a significant positive difference in your body, mind and well-being.

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Looking for a longer guided meditation? Visit for more guided meditation videos.

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