Meditation: More than just Sitting in Silence

June 8, 2020

The word, “Meditation”, brings up an image of a monk, sitting in an orange robe for hours in silence.  This is one form of meditation; but there are so many more less intimidating ways to meditate for the beginner and the more seasoned meditator. 

If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “I can’t meditate”, let’s get a deeper understanding of what meditation is really about.

When my Meditation Journey Began

When I started practicing yoga about 30 years ago, I was introduced to meditation.  I was told to sit quietly and clear the mind of all thoughts. How was I supposed to do that?  Was there more direction than that? What happens when I start thinking of anything else I’d rather be doing? Or writing my grocery list in my mind? Or getting uncomfortable in my cross-legged position? 

What is Meditation?

In my new book, A Year of Meditation: Daily Moments of Peace, Joy, and Calm, I share a  wide variety of different meditations from ancient traditions to more modern interpretations of mindfulness.

Some of these meditations you’ll do while:

  • sitting
  • walking
  • chanting
  • moving
  • watching the sunrise or sunset

 Some days offer

  • A Simple Affirmation
  • Mantra
  • Quote

And you know what?  All of these practices of mindfulness are indeed, meditation. When you can focus the mind on a particular object, thought or activity, you are training your awareness to a clear, emotionally calm and stable state. This calming state brings balance, joy, self-confidence, honesty and self-trust into your life. 

The Key is Consistency

Like any spiritual practice, consistency is the key. Making time for a daily meditation practice is the best way to bring less stress, less anxiety, and more peace into your life. The variety in A Year of Meditation,  will keep you engaged and make it easy for you to tap into those small moments of mindfulness and relaxation.

Grab a copy of A Year of Meditation

If you are ready to devote 3-15 minutes a day to meditate, grab a copy of my book here.

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