Oprah's Best Advice

January 19, 2018

This advice from Oprah is so good, it’s worth repeating.  I read it, and got that AhHa moment immediately.

Here it is:

You can be doing everything right to make your dream come true, doing the right work, asking the right people for help, putting yourself out there past your comfort zone...

But if it’s not your time at this moment, it won’t happen.  If the Universe is not aligned for you to make your dream come true at this very moment, it’s not your time.

AND, you are doing everything right!

Have no fear, all of your good work is not in vain.  It is all a process, a next step.  Perhaps the Universe has in store for you something much bigger than your present moment dream.  We are all a work in progress.  Most of us keep using our experience from years of hard work, years of perseverance, years of getting knocked down and getting back up.

If you stay steadfast on your path, all is coming.  If you give up, you have no idea how close you actually were.  The Universe is watching and noticing you.  It might not seem like it all the time, but the higher Gods have nothing but good intentions.

Trust this process of life.  Trust you are here to make a difference.  Trust you are the one with your dream, because that is what you are suppose to do.  Let go, and Trust.

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