A Year of Abundance

Daily Practices and Affirmations to Create Joy, Gratitude, and Connection (A Year of Daily Reflections)
by Nora Day


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Cultivate a lifetime of abundance, one day at a time

Align yourself with the bounties of the universe and learn how to manifest a more fulfilling life. Featuring a new entry each day, A Year of Abundance helps you build habits of compassion and gratitude that will lead you toward a life filled with abundance.

This abundance book features:

  • 365 days of inspiration―Nurture your developing abundance mindset, and take this journey one step at a time with daily practices, meditations, reflections, visualizations, and quotes.
  • Short and simple―No matter how busy you are, you can foster abundance every single day with entries that only require a few minutes of your time.
  • Advice for manifesting your best life―Learn how you can connect with your true purpose and passion and discard limiting beliefs.

Unlock your limitless potential and learn to live a life of simple abundance with this daily companion.

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