Yogi Nora Premium Yoga Mat

Extra thick, eco-friendly, premium yoga mats designed exclusively by Nora Day. Yoga mats are available in pink, blue, and purple.
100% Latex Free, 100% PVC Free.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Materials: Natural, sustainably sourced rubber combined with a specially engineered eco-polyurethane

Weight: 5.5 lbs
Dimensions: 72.8″ long x 26.8″ wide
Thickness: Approx. 4.2mm (0.16″)

I’m so excited to share my beautiful Yoga Mat with you!

I remember starting yoga with a cheap mat. It was thin, slippery and would break down over time. I realized the mat was holding me back. I wanted a mat that I could trust and count on to support me. That’s why I created the premium Yogi Nora Mat.

A yoga mat is your equipment.  Just like a professional basketball player needs the best sneakers, when you practice yoga you should have the best mat. Your mat is the #1 priority for a solid, consistent practice.

Over the years, so many students have asked for mat recommendations.  I would have a difficult time answering because I was still searching for the best mat. This is why I created my own! My Yogi Nora mat has everything that I look for in a mat.  It is the mat of all mats and I am so thrilled to share it with you!  Keep scrolling to discover why!

It is Larger & Thicker

I have designed this mat for extra comfort stability. After all, you are working hard and so should your mat! You’ll love the extra cushiony feel of this 4.2 mm thick yoga mat. The natural rubber coating provides impressive grip and support. The Yogi Nora mat is a bit longer and wider from other mats, giving you even more room to spread out.


Weight: 5.5 lbs
72.8″ long
26.8″ wide
4.2 mm thick

Extra Grip to Keep You Stable

You will love the thickness of the Yogi Nora mat.  You can really dig into poses and still feel supported.  AND one of the biggest improvements is the non-slip factor.  It is made with an eco-friendly, non-PVC top layer that is super absorbent to sweat, and gives you confidence that your hands and feet are not going to slip; even in the most challenging poses.

Guide Lines 

The unique guidelines on the mat help to bring perfect symmetry to your practice. When you practice Nora’s classes online, the guidelines on the mat are like Nora personally aligning and adjusting you. Just listen to Nora’s cues and follow her verbal instructions and practice together. You can visually see where your feet and hands are on the center line.  “Using Guide Lines was a big revelation for me!  I thought I was super-aligned, only to find out, I wasn’t at all as center pointe as I thought!” – Nora

Earth Friendly Materials

Yogi Nora mats are proudly made with PVC free, latex free, biodegradable, eco-friendly, high quality, non-toxic sustainable materials. Each mat is made with natural, sustainably sourced rubber combined with a specially engineered eco-polyurethane

Happy Uplifting Colors!

I’ve chosen 3 colors: Pink, Purple and Blue.  Pretty much, all of my favorite colors!!  For many years I practiced on a black mat but now, I like colors! I step on my mat with a smile, I am always happy and calmer to practice on pretty colors!

Care Instructions

How to Clean Your Mat:  Since the top layer is designed to wick away sweat, the only thing needed to clean your mat is a damp cloth.  I never use any cleaning product, even if they are natural.  I don’t want to strip the top layer off.  

How to Store Your Mat:  If you have a practice space at home, you can leave your mat rolled out, and let it air out. If you need to take your mat with you, flip your mat over, so the top of the mat is facing the earth.  Roll your mat snuggly, and store in an airy room, that gets fresh air.

Sharing Your Mat:  I don’t recommend sharing your mat.  This is your personal mat, with your energy, your vibration, and your sweat!  If someone and they will, wants to try your amazing mat, remind them that you have invested hours and hours of practice into this mat, and it’s your sacred space, not to be shared!  You could be a kind yogi, and gift them a Yogi Nora Mat…. Hint, hint…????

Join Me on a Yoga Lifestyle Adventure…

My yoga & healthy lifestyle videos were created with you in mind. Start where you are and let’s grow together.







Join Me on a Yoga Lifestyle Adventure…

My yoga & healthy lifestyle videos were created with you in mind. Start where you are and let’s grow together.