Summer Smoothie Favorites!

August 14, 2019

Hello to all of you summer lovers out there!

Summer is my favorite season. I love the brightness, sunniness, and everyone seems so uplifted, motivated and happy in the summertime. Yay!!!

Soooo... in celebration of all of this bright light, I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite “go to” summer smoothie. It’s super easy, I throw all of the ingredients in the blender, blend it up, pour it in my favorite BIG glass mason jar, and enjoy this smoothie with a big smile on my face!

My smoothies are more of a meal, so a 32oz size is good for me. You can always make this recipe, and store half in the refrigerator for later. I recommend to store your smoothie in a glass airtight jar. The nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins are most alive immediately after making your smoothie. The longer it sits, (even in your refrigerator), the nutritional value dissipates quickly. I would recommend to drink your smoothie within 24 hours, if you don’t drink it right after making.Happy Trails!


16oz Hazelnut Mylk (Or any plant based Mylk) *Protein
1 Frozen Banana *Potassium
½ Cup Frozen Strawberries *Vitamin C
½ Cup Frozen Blueberries *HIgh Antioxidants
½ Avocado *Heart Healthy Monounsaturated Fats
2 Hand fulls of Spinach *Calcium
2 Medjool Dates *Fiber (Make sure and take the pit out!)
½ Heaping teaspoon Maca Powder *Energy Booster (optional)
½ Heaping teaspoon Cinnamon *Anti Inflammatory Properties (optional)
½ Heaping teaspoon Spirulina *HIgh Vegan Protein (Blue-green Superfood Algae; optional)

Put all of the ingredients in your blender. Add the liquid first, Add the spinach last.
Blend for 30-45 seconds.

Smoothie Making Tip of The Day:
Try to use organic ingredients!! Especially organic berries and spinach. Berries and Spinach grow close to the ground: they are a perfect target for pesticide spray. Buy organic, to avoid pesticide on your produce and in your body!

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