The Joy of Meditation

March 8, 2018

the joy of meditation

Meditation is widely known to be a calming, enjoyable experience. It’s a great way to relieve stress, quiet the outside world, and access our inner beings.

But for those that aren’t familiar with meditation, it might seem intimidating and frustrating; anything but relaxing!

You don’t have to be an expert in meditation to sit quietly. Much of the resistance to meditation is in our minds, so if we can quiet the mind, the experience will flow naturally.

Here’s a simple meditation for beginners.

Set a timer for 5 minutes. That way you won’t be distracted or worried that the time will be too long.

Now, pick your sitting position. If you’re uncomfortable sitting on the floor cross-legged, you can sit in a chair. Right now, you are just sitting quietly. You’re in your inner space, disconnected from the outside world.

Focus on your breath. Your breathing should be natural, not forced. Just focus on breathing in and out. When you breathe in, say to yourself, “Breathing in.” When you breathe out, say to yourself, “Breathing out.”

Now close your eyes and place your hands gently in your lap. Palms facing up means you are ready to receive. Palms facing down means you are ready to give. Pick a different hand position each day.

No other words, thoughts, or sounds are happening now except “breathing in” and “breathing out.” Try to relax your mouth, your inner cheeks, your jaw, and your tongue. Relax your eyelids. This softens your face and relaxes your shoulders as well.

Congratulations! You are now meditating.

This basic meditation is my favorite “go-to” meditation, and it’s a great starting point for beginners. If this is the only meditation you do for the rest of your life, that’s still wonderful!

Everyone needs and deserves some quiet time to reflect and focus within, and this meditation will help you do just that!

The Joy of Meditation

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