The Joy of Practicing Yoga in Nature

January 26, 2018


practicing yoga in nature

If you read or research any of the old Yoga books, they always recommend practicing in Nature, or in a space with fresh air.  The benefits of practicing in Nature begin with the connection of your body, mind, and soul to the mystery and beauty of nature.

Yoga is a beautiful art form, that engages your inner organs, joints and bones with your mind. Body and mind awareness are at an all time high, when practicing yoga. It can be very physical, but more than that, it is very engaging to the senses. That is why it is such a perfect match to practice in nature. The sounds and smells and energy coming from the clouds and the sun, all enhance the yoga experience.

Nature is healing; it does not lie, and it is not trying to prove anything. Time in nature connects us to others and to the larger world. It is also easier to be in the present moment in nature, without the demands of work. Practicing yoga in nature brings us back to basics. Brings us back to taking care of ourselves, appreciating ourselves, and having gratitude for what we have.

Stay connected. Make an effort to take your mat to the park, the ocean or the mountains. It will change your view and approach to your practice. You might surprise yourself!

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