Showstopping Vegan Charcuterie Platter

November 20, 2018

vegan charcuterie board by nora day

You will wow people with this beautiful, healthy, earthy alternative to a traditional cheese and vegetable board.

Whenever I am asked to bring something to a holiday, I love to share a large, overflowing vegan version of a charcuterie board. Not only is it beautiful but it is popping with healthy, snacks for everyone.

Charcuterie (pronounced shahr-cute-uh-ree) is a French word for smoked, dry-cured or cooked meats. But lately charcuterie platters are showing up everywhere with a wide variety of elements. Since saying charcuterie makes us feel fancy, I thought, let’s make a vegan version!

The beauty of this, is that you can pick and choose what you want to use, scale it down or even make it bigger (but I am not sure if you can go much bigger!). I like to include a variety of fresh fruits, dried fruits, sprouts, fresh veggies, vegan cheeses and spreads, nuts and crackers. Wow! That is a mouthful!!  The key here is a variety of texture, colors and flavors.

Here is a list of ingredients that I used to make the platter in my video:

In addition to a large platter, you can use:

Fresh Fruit

Seckel Pears (They aren't only small and adorable, they are delicious!)

Dried Fruits

Apricots (Get the organic ones, they aren't as pretty but they are so much better for you)
Sour Dark Cherries (This is one my favorite holiday treats!)
Goji Berries

Greens & Veggies

Sprouted Beans
Micro Greens
Sunflower Sprouts
Bell Peppers


Macadamia nuts
Raw Almonds

Vegan Cheese

Dipping Cheese (I am using Casheeze brand, a wonderful cashew cheese)
Spreading Cheese (I am using OK Living Foods Herbed Cheese made from coconuts)

*There are so many wonderful artisan vegan cheeses available. I happen to live close to Vegan Fine Foods who features unique vegan brands.


Select 2 different types of crackers. In the video, I am using OK Living Foods SunVeg crackers which are a wonderful raw cracker that uses sprouted sunflower seeds that is also available at Vegan Fine Foods. My second crackers is a raw cracker from Healing Home Foods. I bought these at Vegan Fine Foods also.


Edible Flowers
Fresh herbs (thyme, rosemary)

vegan charcuterie platter ingredients

Assembly & Presenting Your Platter

Assembling your platter is a bit of an art project! There are many ways to go about this. I like to start with anchoring the cheeses on the platter on either end and then start by layering from the outside of the platter moving inward.

Don’t be afraid to layer items and hide them.  As people snack on the platter they will reveal new hidden treasures! It is almost like a big present that you slowly unwrap!

Even though this platter is a far cry from a traditional French charcuterie board, you will love that it is vegan, beautiful and overflowing with amazing delicious snacks. Getting to say charcuterie is just a bonus!

Wishing everyone a wonderful season! Eat well, be healthy, love big and have fun!


vegan charcuterie platter

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