Watermelon Juice - Sweet, Summery, Healthy One Ingredient Juice

September 24, 2018

The simple mono watermelon juice is the happiest and most delicious juices of summer! Watermelon has a high water content, high in electrolytes and potassium.

I like to use the smaller organic variety of watermelons. They are a little sweeter and work really well with my juicer. Watermelon is mostly water, around 92% water actually! This high water content means that they are great for helping to flush out your system.

Juicing your own watermelon is very economical. One small organic watermelon costs around $5 and you can usually get about 32 ounces of juice from it.

As with any mono juice, start with low doses to see how it affects your system. I recommend starting with 8 ounces.

To make your watermelon juice:

To make watermelon juice. Cut into pieces and cut away the rind. Don't worry about the seeds. Let them go right into your juicer. The seeds contain good levels of iron and zinc.

When you juice a watermelon, you will get bits of the watermelon, making this juice very fiber rich. I like that I can taste the watermelon bits but you can strain your watermelon juice if you prefer to not have the fiber bits.

Now, let’s make some watermelon juice!

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