Write it down, for weight loss..

January 21, 2018

write it down for weight loss

When you want lose a few extra pounds; Write it Down.

For 3 days in a row, write down everything you drink and eat.  As soon as you drink or eat something, write it down.  If you wait until the end of the day, you will definitely forget exactly how much you consumed in a day.

This is a great way to keep you honest of your daily intake.When you have coffee, tea, water, write it down.  In these 3 days, carry your canteen, or water bottle with you, so you

can see exactly how much water you are drinking in a day.  Every time you go for another cup of coffee at work, keep track.

When you eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, calculate all of this in your daily intake.

This is a simple way to keep you honest about how much you eat in a day.  Most of us ignore the few cookies here and there, or how many tablespoons of peanut butter we had on celery.  By day 3, you start passing on some of your daily food routines, knowing that when you see it on paper, it’s a lot more than you thought!

If you can go for 5 days; Great! If you can do it with a friend, even better!  It’s easier to do this when you know someone is doing it with you!

The beauty of this exercise is that nobody is putting pressure on you but you. You are watching yourself, and being vigilant on yourself.

Remember, this isn’t being done for you to feel guilty, or bad, it is just a reality check on your drink and food consumption in a day.

Happy “Write it Down” days!Write it down, for weight loss..

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