Yoga Backbend Progressions

October 23, 2018

We will use the wall to help with support during this series of backbend.  We will start from a basic backbend and then get a bit more advanced. Let’s wake up our nervous system and do some backbends!!

Our spines are supposed to be flexible. A healthy spine has a complete range of motion both forward and backward. Unfortunately, so many of us are bending forward all day long. Whether you are sitting at a desk, driving a car, looking at our phones, we are constantly in a forward position. Backbends help us undo all of these forward bending habits, helping to restore your spine to its natural flexibility.

Backbends aren't only about our backs. When you do a back a bend, our stomach and all our precious internal organs get to share the love by feeling a deep stretch. You will feel it in your abdominals and your abdominals will love you back for it!

The benefits of backbends are endless. During this video, I give you the basics. Any level can use this video. If you can only get to the first progression, don't give up! This kind of improvement happens over time with consistent practice. I know you can do it! So, stay with me!

Have a beautiful day!


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