Yoga Makes You Strong

January 26, 2018

It’s true: Yoga makes you strong.  Getting physically strong from yoga, is only part of the amazing benefits.

When I first started Yoga, I used to run and swim.  I thought I was pretty strong!
I went to my first yoga class, and it was one of the hardest things I had ever done!  It didn’t matter how strong I was from my other workouts, Yoga was different.  There was a subtle strength needed that I completely didn’t have!  I felt like everyone in the yoga class could do everything, and I was the only one who couldn’t do anything.  It was so humbling, and somehow, it still felt good to do yoga, so I kept going back.


The strength in Yoga comes when you slowly start being more and more honest with yourself.  When you are completely honest, you start letting go of what you think you are, then your true strength starts to shine through.  Most of us have built up our walls for many years, so don’t expect after a few yoga classes, to be the most honest and strongest after a few classes.  If you can truly leave your expectations of yourself,  outside of the yoga room, you will learn something new about yourself after every class.  Some classes you have big Ah-Ha moments, other days there are smaller, quieter realizations.  But, you will have them!


The more subtly aware you are of yourself and others, the stronger you become.
The more you keep giving, and not expecting anything in return for your good deeds, the stronger you become.
The more you trust yourself to make the right decisions, the stronger you become.
The more you stay consistent and true to yourself, the stronger you become.


Yes... Yoga makes you Strong.

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