Yoga: More than Just Stretching

March 8, 2018

yogo is more than just stretching

Most of us have BIG responsibilities, from raising a family to demanding jobs, or going to school, or all of the above. We have so much stress in our lives, both from within and without, and we all need a healthy outlet that will help us relieve that stress.

For me, yoga is so many things. It’s a stress reliever, a fun way to stay in shape, a challenging way to work on my strength and flexibility, and even a way to get to know myself.

I am passionate about getting others to practice yoga because it offers so many mental, emotional, and physical benefits at the same time. For some people, it’s their gateway to a quiet, private world, where they have no outside distractions. For others, it’s a challenging physical workout that gives them an emotional high and/or release.

Sometimes, I even laugh from something that I’ve done in my daily yoga practice. It’s fascinating that the real you can be revealed. Trust me, there’s nowhere to hide and nothing else to focus on when you’re in a headstand! You may even find yourself laughing, too!

I encourage you to start attending regular yoga classes. When you do, try to find a teacher who has a relaxed, laid-back attitude, and who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Sure, she has to be experienced and know what she’s doing, but a yoga class should feel fun and light, not a heavy class that brings you down.

Having fun in yoga is about bringing out that inner child, that innocence and vulnerability. Once you tap into this precious energy, you can even become more intuitive.

Yoga has so many layers of wisdom. Don’t wait another day to start!

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